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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Prom

Possibly one of the most exciting and memorable moments in a teenager’s life, going to prom is all about the glitz and glam. And choosing the perfect prom shoes is as important as the dress. There are so many considerations to make when looking for the perfect pair of prom shoes. It could be that […]

How to Choose Comfortable High Heels/ Going Out in Comfortable Heels

Pick heels that are centered. That is, some heels go straight down from the back of the shoe. A heel that dips slightly inward so that it is centered under your heel provides more support. That makes the shoe more comfortable. 2. Make sure you’re strapped in. If your shoe is constantly slipping off your feet, it’s […]

How To: Style Your Laces!

Today’s post is all about styling your lace up shoes for the Spring and Summer time, which some people may find bizarre but trust us they do look amazing once you’ve finished and it’s a really fun and creative thing to do which is always a bonus. Try out some of the creative lace up styles, find […]

Styling Riding Boots: Your Complete Guide

Riding boots have been a fashion favourite since the 1980s. Comfortable, versatile and cosy warm, they can help enhance a wide variety of looks. Say you want to wear a skirt but the weather isn’t giving up – shoes or ballet flats just won’t cut it. A beautiful, weatherproof pair of riding boots is just what […]

Best Men’s Sneaker/Dress Shoe Hybrid? How To Look AWESOME In Dress Sneakers

Why is everyone staring at your feet? Dress sneakers with a suit are stylish now, right? Right, but you may still have some questions. Are these the wrong kind of sneakers? Am I styling them wrong? Can I really wear them with a suit? Why didn’t I do more research? Fear not, gentlemen. If you’re thinking of […]

10 Top Tips To Boost Your Style In Seconds (How To Look More Attractive)

Learning how to look more attractive is easier than you might think. As with anything in life, it’s all about getting the basics right first. Imagine two men – one builds his house on wet mud, and the other builds his house on a solid concrete base. Which of these two guys is gonna successfully create a […]

Best Shoes for Wearing Around the House

Whether you’re popping out or staying in, the best indoor shoes are cosy enough for a snug Sunday spent on the sofa, but durable enough to put the washing out on a drizzly morning. From tackling housework to lounging around in the living room, good indoor shoes are easy to wear around the house and […]

Loafers for Men Style Tips: How To Wear Loafers

All men wonder how to wear loafers?  Being the most versatile type of footwear loafers complement almost any kind of outfit. Read on to know more about loafers for men style. Men’s footwear has gone through an impressive journey from being solely utilitarian in purpose to adding a level aestheticism to one’s fashion game. Come […]

How to wear loafers?

The versatility of loafers is undisputed. However, knowing the right combinations and pairings can make a world’s difference to your overall look. Below are some of the ways that you can style it – loafers with jeans, with socks, and without socks. Tips on how to wear loafers with jeans Blue denim is a staple […]

Our Favorite Loafers: The Slip-On Shoe to up Your Sartorial Prowess

The Loafer is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Worn with dress socks and a sharp suit, they’re a go-to for Monday Morning meetings. Worn with chinos and a polo, they’re your basic country club vibe. However, loafers have also become a standard piece of footwear for hipsters in recent years, and these casual-meets-formal dress shoes can be seen everywhere these […]