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8 Flat Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Shoes That Aren’t High Heels to Wear With Skinny Jeans When you think of dressing up your skinny jeans, high-heeled shoes probably come to mind as a classic accessory choice. But if you’re not a big heels fan, we’ve got great news for you. Skinny jeans can look fabulous — and entirely chic now — when you […]

How Can I Keep my Feet from Sliding Forward in My Shoes?

Whether you’re in the office or out on the town, slipping forward in your shoes is not only painful, it can make you walk wobbly and cause you to fall flat on your face. Shoes that are too big, aren’t the right fit for your foot shape, or lack slip-resistant material can be annoying, embarrassing, […]

Tips on How to Save Shoes From Water Damage

At some point your shoes will suffer from water damage. You may get caught in a downpour or a toddler may throw your favorite shoes into a swimming pool. The important thing is to know how to save your shoes from water damage. Don’t toss them!r Take these easy steps, and you’ll have a great shot at […]

Shoe Glossary: The Toe Box and Why It’s Important to Get It Right

The toe box is the part of a shoe that covers and protects the toes. Toe boxes come in a variety of shapes and styles depending on the type of shoe, but they should always be wide and long enough to accommodate the toes comfortably. Every shoe, other than sandals, has a toe box, but […]

Can You Wear Tights or Pantyhose with Open-Toed Shoes?

Whatever your hosiery preference, whether you love to mix and match opaque tights with skirts and dresses, or are fond of the flawless look of sheer pantyhose, you’ve probably shied away from legwear due to the fact that bare legs have been “in”. Fashion magazines might say that pairing any sort of hosiery with open-toed […]

5 Sandals to Wear With Women’s Jeans

In warmer weather, most women wear sandals with shorts and skirts, but in many places, it’s too chilly to wear anything but jeans or pants during much of the spring. Then there are those women who actually prefer wearing jeans, even in the hottest months of summer. For all of those people and occasions—as well as any […]