Best Shoe Styles to Wear With Skirts

Consider your shoe style carefully when deciding what to wear with a skirt, because the wrong choice can potentially ruin your look. The shoes might be fabulous and the skirt on the hot list of the season, but together the two may not be a match made in heaven. Proportion is the key to a great outfit. When you wear a skirt with a feminine hemline for example, you’ll need to toss those chunky heels aside for a more refined and sleek shoe.

Guide to Pairing Shoe Styles with Skirts

Pairing different of skirt lengths and shapes with shoes to achieve the perfect proportion within an outfit can be tricky. First, you should take into consideration the shape of your skirt and the shape and heel of your shoes. For instance, heavy heel sizes and shapes are overwhelming for some skirts that are shorter in length. On the contrary, less is best when it comes to heel length with longer skirts. Whether you are contemplating a skirt look that is ladylike, casual or athleisure, the following guide can help you determine the best shoes to pair it wit

Mini Skirt

Wearing the wrong shoes with a mini skirt can create a look that is either too raunchy or too youthful. Women who choose to wear mini skirts do so with the intention of showing and elongating their legs, which can be accomplished with a range of shoe styles. A mini skirt can be taken into any style direction you desire simply by the shoes you decide to wear.

  • Low Heel Shoes or Ankle Boots: These styles can elongate the legs for a casual look.
  • Over-the-knee boots: This type of footwear adds attitude to a mini, with a just a hint of the leg between where the skirt ends and the boot starts.
  • Strappy Heels: High-heeled strappy shoes are a good choice if you are going for a more dressy look. This creates a hot look that is balanced with sophistication.


Whether for the office or a casual day out on the town, knee-length skirts run the gamut from pencil to a-line shapes. Choosing a shoe style that flatters and complements your lower legs, but doesn’t compete with the skirt’s hemline, is key. Avoid wedge shoes or platforms because they don’t add any sizzle to a knee-length skirt, and could detract from the skirt’s style.

  • Staples: Whichever knee-length shape you decide to wear, you can’t go wrong with a sleek kitten heel, high heel, knee boot or ankle boot.
  • Whimsical Style: If adding a simple, fuss-free vibe is what you want for your knee-length skirt, then oxford shoes can add a whimsical touch when paired with other slightly masculine inspired accents.

Handkerchief Skirt

When it comes to handkerchief skirts, one of the most appealing details is the asymmetrical hemline. The look is trendy, unique, and flattering. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that any shoes that are worn with it should not compete with the skirt’s style. For the best look with this type of skirt:

  • Avoid Ankle Boots: These shoes awkwardly cut the leg off and aren’t right for handkerchief skirt styles.
  • Try Strappy Shoes: These styles keep the lower part of the leg open and provide the most flattering look.

Maxi Skirt

There is something fuss-free about maxi skirts that women just can’t get enough of no matter the time of year. Naturally, if an outfit happens to go into the fuss-free category, the overall idea is to keep the entire outfit simple. Avoid wearing stilettos with a maxi skirt; the shoe shape does not align properly with that of a maxi skirt, nor the laid back mood that maxi skirts are all about.

  • Flats: If comfort and ease are what you would like to sink your feet in, then a flat shoe style would not in any way compete with the flow of your maxi skirt.
  • Wedge Shoes: If it is the height you want, you can work against the maxi skirt’s shape, but consider wearing wedge style shoes rather than stilettos.

Hi-Low Skirt

The hi-low skirt look is all about femininity. This modern look is appealing with its fashion-forward style and balance between a short and long skirt. To look your best in a hi-low style consider the following tips:

  • Avoid Platform Heels: These shoes are too heavy and awkward to go with the dainty design of this particular skirt style.
  • Go with Feminine Heels: The shoe styles that add the right amount of appeal and balance to a hi-low skirt are kitten heels and stilettos. Designs in these heel styles that would work with a hi-low skirt range from mule looks to strappy styles.

Tea Length

For those who want to go beyond a knee-length skirt, but not go quite as long as a maxi length, tea length skirts are a good option. Of all the skirt styles, the tea length skirt is the most versatile style and can be paired with a wide range of shoes.

  • Go Delicate or Chunky: The shape and length are one that can be emphasized with a delicate shoe or the weight of a heel that is a bit more chunky, thanks to the flow of the hemline.
  • Layered Style: For a layered autumnal look, pair with ankle boots for the perfect accent.
  • Work-Ready: For the office, a blazer, crew neck and boot, kitten heel or sleek wedge could all perfectly work well, too.

Create Winning Combinations

If you’ve been staring at your ankle boots, wondering how you can wear them other than with your favorite jeans, or thought that your skirts could only be worn with stilettos, now you know there are plenty of options when it comes to pairing the perfect shoes with your skirts. When you know how to match the right styles and shapes, you can enhance your wardrobe with shoes and skirts in looks that look perfectly put-together every time.