White Sneakers Outfit Ideas for Fashionable Women

There are very few wrong ways to wear white sneakers. White trainers are an awesome addition to any casual or street style outfit, since they are officially fashionable – as long as they’re stark clean, of course.

How to Style White Trainers

Wearing White Trainers with Jeans

• White trainers look the best with a pair of light-wash cropped high waisted jeans, especially if you’re planning to take inspiration from the grunge fashion that is so trendy. A boyfriend cut is the best in this case, especially if your jeans have a slightly distressed look.

• While this look could work with any white sneakers, we like it best with low-top sneakers that have a vintage flare. Wear whatever top you like with this ensemble: a band T-shirt works just as well as a button-up blouse and blazer.

• Be careful when pairing skinny jeans with white trainers. This look can be fine if your white sneakers are very sleek and streamlined, but with bulkier shoes it can make for an unflattering, awkward look.

• If you don’t have a pair of cropped jeans on hand, you can also just roll up the pant leg of your favorite straight-leg or boyfriend jeans.

• If you are wearing a bulkier pair of white trainers with tighter trousers, make sure to balance things on top by layering a jean or army jacket.

• You can also keep things balanced by wearing a large knitted sweater, instead. Turtlenecks, in particular, are coming back in style.

Wearing White Trainers with Skirts or Shorts

• Mini skirts can look fabulous! You can opt for the cute, preppy look with a denim skirt and a blouse or cardigan, and even tie off the whole look with a pair of opaque tights.

How to Style White Sneakers

• You can also try something a little more urban, with bulkier white trainers, a tight skirt, crop top or loose tank top, and lots of fun jewelry.

• You can wear your white trainers with a printed skirt or pants as long as you balance things out with a white cotton T-shirt on top.

• For a more preppy look with dressy shorts or a skirt, remember to opt for low-top white sneakers rather than bulkier ones.

• Long skirts can look fabulous with white sneakers! Opt for skirts that hit somewhere between the knee and the ankle, and don’t be afraid of the different styles. More elegant pleated or A-line skirts look just as nice as flowy skirts.

Wearing White Trainers with Dresses

• Pairing white sneakers with a flowy midi dress is a great way to combine urban-chic and boho-chic styles. Recently, we’ve seen all kinds of celebs and influencers give this look a try, and we find its incongruity irresistible. Try this awesome look now, before it becomes commonplace or even dated!

• A denim jacket will instantly add a casual touch to any garment, so if you’re intrigued but nervous to try the dress and white sneakers combo, simply plop a light-wash denim jacket on top to tie the whole look together.

• These days you can even wear a pair of white trainers when going out clubbing! A tight bodycon dress or a tight skirt and crop top can absolutely be worn with attention-grabbing white sneakers. Opt for contrast by choosing a black, dark red, or dark blue outfit to pair with your shoes.

• If you’re feeling daring, wear your low-top white sneakers with a satin slip dress. It makes for a very fashion-forward, ‘90s-inspired look.

How to Wear White Trainers

Other Awesome Ideas for White Sneakers for Women

• Socks or tights might be the secret to making white sneakers fit with an outfit you might be struggling with. A pair of bulky socks can make an outfit a little more winter-appropriate, for example, or a pair of colorful tights might tie together a separate or an accessory that you really love.

• Speaking of accessories, the bag you wear will also influence your overall look. Wearing a backpack with your white sneakers outfit can lead to a more youthful, schoolgirl look, while a sophisticated purse with a chain strap will bring your look to a more mature place.

• Most rules are out the door when it comes to sporty outfits! Some stripes of white will make your workout ensemble look more harmonious with your white trainers, but it’s not mandatory. Wear whatever you look.

• Cropped pant jumpsuits look fabulous with white trainers! Opt for looser jumpsuits if your trainers are bulky, while a tight jumpsuit can look nice with slim low-tops.

• Wearing monochromatic looks with white sneakers can be very unique, but it’s also a little harder to pull off. As long as the look is put-together, with accessories and belts, then you can make it work. This look can be white sneakers worn with pants and a T-shirt in the same dark color, or it can be white sneakers worn with an all-white outfit.

White Trainers Outfit Ideas

• Wearing professional looks with white trainers is becoming increasingly popular, but I’ll admit I’m still a little nervous about it. To avoid looking like an office worker who takes off her heels and wears her gym shoes to walk home, make sure to match your suit to your running shoes. This means wearing a white T-shirt instead of a blouse, or layering a blazer over a pair of light jeans instead of a skirt or pants.