7 Coolest Women’s Chelsea Boots to Buy: Chelsea Boots Styling Guide

Many women love Chelsea boots for their versatility and comfy look and feel. Chelsea boots have a round toe and flat sole, usually with a minor heel. They rise to or slightly above the ankle, so you most likely already wear them with skinny jeans or leggings. They’re simple and elegant, but they come in a variety of styles so you can make them work with nearly any outfit

You think you might like the idea of wearing Chelsea boots, but you’re not sure where to start. Take a look at these 7 pairs of Chelsea boot styles to decide which are right for you. Once you learn about what makes each pair different, you’ll know which features will work best with your typical outfits.

1. Classic Leather Chelsea Boots

Sometimes it’s best to start with the most classic version of a popular shoe. Common Projects’ black leather Chelsea boots are the best you’ll find. Each pair features genuine Italian leather and a tan lining. Make sure to look for the brand’s signature golden serial number just above the heel, available at

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: Common Projects Chelsea Boots

2. Church’s Ketsby Leather Boots

When you want shoes made by one of the oldest brands in the business, look no further than Church’s Ketsby Chelsea boots. The brand uses a glossy leather that gives them a gorgeous shine. The studs that form a wingtip above the rounded toes are another sparkly element to make this shoe stand out from your wardrobe.

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: Church's Ketsby Chelsea Boots

3. “Petty” Minimalist Chelsea Boots

Anyone who wants to become minimalist or already lives that lifestyle will adore the “Petty” Chelsea boot style. They’ve got a low heel and cut, plus a side zipper for a seamless appearance. Another minimalist bonus – you can use them year-round, so you don’t need to waste space with extra shoe storage in your home.

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: Sam Edelman Chelsea Boots

4. Gold Eyelet Tall Boots

Looking for a statement shoe? Look no further than these gold eyelet Chelsea boots by See by Chloe. They have a modest one-inch heel but rise a couple of inches past the ankle. Antique gold eyelets line the elastic siding, while the rest of the shoe is calfskin leather.

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: See by Chloe Helen Chelsea Boots

5. Pointed-Toe Heeled Chelsea Boots

Cowgirl boots are a popular accessory, but they don’t go with every outfit. When you need something a bit shorter, try the Reike Nen pointed Chelsea boots. Made with brilliant white leather and intricate stitching, they mimic classic country boots. The pointed three-inch heel and toe define any look.

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: Reike Nen Chelsea Boots

6. Stud Embellished Santoni Boots

Grunge is coming back in a big way, and if you vibe with the trend, you’ll want Santoni’s Chelsea boots for women. They have the classic leather look with elastic sides, but with silver studs over the toes and around the heel. Pair them with dark gray stonewashed jeans for a modern grunge outfit.

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: Santoni Chelsea Boots


7. Alexander Wang Cutout Chelsea Boots

Shoes are supposed to catch people’s eyes as you walk past, which is what will happen when you wear Alexander Wang’s cutout Chelsea boots for women. They take after the classic leather look but change it in a few ways. These boots rise above the ankle and make a bold statement with cutout wedges on the back of the heel. Try them on when you order from Net-a-Porter.

Best Women's Chelsea Boots: Alexander Wang Andee Chelsea Boots