Where and How to Wear Kitten Heels

If you could only own one pair of shoes, a pair of kitten heels could be a serious contender, since they are remarkably versatile. They are the ultimate day to night shoes – perfectly work-appropriate, but also easy to dress down for a casual day.

In other cases, kitten heels can also be dressed up and worn to upscale evening events. Whether you’re going out dancing, exploring a new city, or just meeting a friend for lunch… you know kitten heels will keep you looking chic yet comfy.

We’ve got some styling suggestions to get you rocking those kitten heel shoes.

How to Wear Kitten Heels

• When choosing a color, consider when you’ll be wearing your kitten heels and how often. If you are looking to complement a primarily black wardrobe, a colorful pair of shoes can be a great way of punching up your look.

• On the other hand, if you already wear a lot of color, then opt for neutral kitten heel shoes that will work with most of what you own.

• Kitten heels are an awesome part of a professional wardrobe, but chances are you will want a more conservative style with a closed toe and a solid color without too many embellishments.

• The best kitten heel sandals or shoes for evening wear will be a little more glammed up. Look for shoes made of patent leather, velvet or satin, or opt for a pair embellished with crystals or luxe bows.

• For warmer seasons, opt for open-toe kitten heel sandals or closed-toe kitten heel mules or slingbacks.

• Going into colder seasons, make sure to choose closed-toe kitten heel pumps or boots that will cover more of your foot.

How to Wear Kitten Heel Shoes

• If you’ve opted for a colorful or embellished pair of kitten heels, let them star in a casual daytime outfit. Stick to neutral tones and don’t be afraid of wearing denim to let a pair of statement kitten heels shine!

• The same principle applies when putting together a look for the office – keep it simple with a pencil skirt and a tucked-in blouse. A matching blazer is optional.

• Don’t be afraid of wearing kitten heel shoes with a casual jeans and T-shirt look – it’ll instantly elevate your outfit.

Kitten Heels Fashion Tips

• Cropped jeans are an especially lovely way of showing off your kitten heels.

• Colorful kitten heels can be awesome for color blocking! If you’ve opted for a pair of kitten heel shoes in a louder color, take into account the kinds of color patterns you could play with. A few examples are teal shoes, a purple top, and dark denim jeans, or yellow shoes with a wine-colored dress.

Kitten Heels Outfits Ideas

• If your style leans towards lighter tones with a lot of whites, tans, soft grays, and pastels, then definitely stick to that color for your kitten heels as well. There are some really gorgeous white and pastel colored kitten heel shoes you can wear with just about any light-colored outfit. Nude kitten heels might also be a good choice.

• If you’re on the shorter side, take care to pair your kitten heels with items that will elongate your body, like long skirts, vertical stripes, or high waisted trousers. While we love a cropped pant or skirt that falls just below the knee, they are generally not a great choice for someone short.

• Colorful or opaque tights can also be worn as part of a color blocked outfit that features kitten heels, and as a bonus they’ll help keep you warm in the winter.

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