Answer These 5 Questions To Choose the Best Sole for Formal Shoes

For a major part of the first 24 years of my life, I wore rubber-soled shoes. To be precise, rubber-soled square toe shoes (ugh) So when I got into shoes, thinking about the soles was not even an afterthought – they had to be rubber, of course! Well, turns out I was wrong.There are actually […]

The Easiest Methods To Stop Men’s Dress Shoes From Clicking

We’ve all been there, we’ve all heard it. You might think that the familiar clicking sound is typical only for women’s shoes, but that is not the case Men’s shoes can also click. Men’s shoes can also sound (closely) like women’s high heels. In fact, heels, which are primarily responsible for making this sound were […]

Difference Between Casual And Formal Shoes

These are the 5 factors that decide whether a pair of shoes are formal or casual: Structure The first major difference between formal and casual shoes is their structure. Structure means the way the shoes are built, their shape and the overall look As formal shoes are meant for (obviously) formal occasions, they are compact and sleek […]

Oxfords or Brogues? Some Great Tips To Help You Make The Right Choice

When it comes to dress shoes, there are many different styles. All it takes is just one google search to get the entire list. However, simply knowing about these styles isn’t enough to understand how to wear them appropriately. Loafers are casual.A pair of monk strap shoes are great for business casual but can also […]


OXFORDS Did you follow a pattern in the similar lacing in all the above Alberto Torresi shoes? These shoes are at the acme of men’s formal shoes and are called Oxfords. They can be identified with their closed lacing. These shoes are also called “Balmorals” but not very popularly. These shoes are mostly used for formal occasions […]

Guide to Oxford Shoes: Explore the 5 Types of Oxfords

Oxford shoes are classy, elegant dress shoes available in an array of styles to suit any occasion. A pair of Oxfords can dress up or dress down many outfits and are essential footwear for every closet, especially a capsule wardrobe. What Is an Oxford Shoe? Oxford shoes are an elegant dress shoe that features a […]