How to Find the Perfect Boots

If you’re going to find the perfect boots, especially online, there are a few thing you’re going to need to know. For example, how do you know if those knee-high boots will fit you around your calves? If you’re tall, will they really be knee-highs or only calf-highs? And what exactly is the shaft of a boot? Some […]

Tall Women and High Heels When Dating a Shorter Man

As a tall woman, if you limit yourself to only dating taller men, you shrink your potential dating pool by about 80 percent or more. As tempting as it is to make height a hard-and-fast requirement, doing so really sells yourself, and a lot of great guys…well, short. That’s not to say that dating shorter men won’t invite […]

How to Match Your Shoes to Your Outfit and Not Look Old-Fashioned

Much has been made of Melania Trump’s First Lady fashion, from her robin’s-egg blue Ralph Lauren inauguration outfit (the color, the references to Jackie Kennedy, those long gloves) to her recent U.K. state visit outfits (which drew comparisons to the royals). A common thread has been the matchy-matchiness of the styling: Often her shoes will match the colors of her dress or […]

Choosing the right shoe

The right footwear can help keep your feet healthy, make your physical activity easier and help keep your body safe from injury. You will be more comfortable being active if you choose a shoe that fits you well, suits your activity type, is appropriate for any problems with your feet, and helps protect your feet, legs and joints. […]

16 Things You Need in Your Fashion Arsenal This Summer

If you ignore those pesky spring snowstorms throughout the Midwest, you might say that warm weather is finally upon us. Summer is coming, and with that comes summer fashion. Dressing for warm weather can be tricky because you want to be cute but also comfortable, and sometimes, summer clothes come with challenges all on their […]