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How do I know I need to replace my shoes?

It’s easy to get sentimental about your shoes. After all, you take them everywhere – on that amazing hike, to that memorable gig – and you’ve shared lots of treasured memories. But, they’re shoes. They’re made from material that can easily look rundown after everyday wear and tear. Sure, there are plenty of ways to […]

Polishing shoes: a comprehensive guide

Remove the laces First off, you’ll want to remove the laces to prevent any polish staining them. At this point, you may notice how much your laces have deteriorated. If your laces are worn and thinning, you could consider replacing them with a new set. Pack out your shoes Place old newspaper or a shoe tree […]

Get a grip! The best snow boots and snow grips for winter weather

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of slipping and sliding down the street when walking in snow or icy conditions. Having the best snow boots or grips to put on the bottom of your shoes is a fantastic way to stay on your feet in bad weather Plus, having footwear that’s best suited to snow […]

The Chelsea Boot and Why Everyone Should Own a Pair

THE SURPRISINGLY VERSATILE CHELSEA BOOT. One of the things that I admire most about suits is their incredible ability to always look different when worn with a variety of other garments. The same goes for your footwear. When I’m looking to add versatility and a little edge to my look, I almost always reach for […]

The Best Shoe Materials for Everyday Activities

Even though they’re the last thing you put on, shoes are perhaps the most important element of your outfit. With the ability to switch up your look in an instant, it’s well worth investing in shoes in a few different materials, colours and designs. As tempting as it may be to stick to your favourite […]

How to Choose the Right Shoes for a Date

In this guide: Dos and don’ts of choosing your first date shoes How do I pick the right date shoes? Best women’s shoes for a date Best men’s shoes for a date Going on a first date can be exciting, nerve-wracking and romantic but above all, it’s the perfect chance to make a good first […]

Which Winter Boots? Best Footwear for Ice and Snow

In this guide: What kind of sole is good for snow? Which winter boots have the best grip? Which winter boots are the warmest? Which boots should I wear in winter? Which winter boots can I wear to work? Preventing slips and trips when it’s snowy or icy is more important than staying stylish. That’s […]

How To Choose Boots For Your Body Shape

When thinking about what are the best shapes of boots and heels for different body shapes, consider your shape and what will balance it. Stiletto heels with their long slim spindly shape are best for slimmer body shapes and those with slim calves and ankles. Stacked heels are better for those with the feminine curvy […]

Men’s Boots Styles: Guide to Different Types of Men’s Boots

Men’s boots are ideal for seeing you through the Autumn/Winter period. But which ones should you choose? The array of men’s boot styles can be overwhelming, and it’s tricky to know what to wear when. That’s why we’ve put together this men’s boots guide. We’ll walk you through the most popular types of men’s boots […]