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What to wear with women’s white shoes?

There are a few more categories to this section as there were above, to no surprise! So, let’s begin. High Heels Here’s what to wear with white high heels: White dress (of any length). White trousers. Coloured dress with white features (any colour, features can be stripes, dots, seams etc.). White blouse (can be paired with […]

What to wear with men’s white shoes?

Canvas Shoe Men’s white canvas shoes are a really versatile style of footwear, and a great option for so many occasions. Let’s look at what items in your wardrobe will look great with your pair for both smart & casual occasions: Smart Canvas shoes can in fact be a great addition to a smart outfit, […]

Top 10 cheap summer outfits

The summer always comes packed with special moments – lush green grass and clear blue skies enjoyed with a refreshing drink in the company of family and friends. Whether you’re heading to the beach or enjoying a barbecue in the back garden, you’ll want the perfect outfit to soak up the warmer weather. Here we […]

What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes: Your Style Guide

Leopard print shoes are a great way to bring a pop of colour and pattern to your outfit. Believe it or not, this bold design traces right back to Ancient Egypt, when women would stencil leopard print patterns onto linen sheets in place of real fur pelts. Since then, leopard print has been a firm […]

How To: Style Your Laces!

Today’s post is all about styling your lace up shoes for the Spring and Summer time, which some people may find bizarre but trust us they do look amazing once you’ve finished and it’s a really fun and creative thing to do which is always a bonus. Try out some of the creative lace up styles, find […]

Best Shoes for Wearing Around the House

Whether you’re popping out or staying in, the best indoor shoes are cosy enough for a snug Sunday spent on the sofa, but durable enough to put the washing out on a drizzly morning. From tackling housework to lounging around in the living room, good indoor shoes are easy to wear around the house and […]

How do I know I need to replace my shoes?

It’s easy to get sentimental about your shoes. After all, you take them everywhere – on that amazing hike, to that memorable gig – and you’ve shared lots of treasured memories. But, they’re shoes. They’re made from material that can easily look rundown after everyday wear and tear. Sure, there are plenty of ways to […]

The Best Shoe Materials for Everyday Activities

Even though they’re the last thing you put on, shoes are perhaps the most important element of your outfit. With the ability to switch up your look in an instant, it’s well worth investing in shoes in a few different materials, colours and designs. As tempting as it may be to stick to your favourite […]