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Sequins, rhinestones, costume jewelry, vibrant colors, feathers … Heels also have a festive look. Here are the most beautiful models. The end of the year holidays are imminent, and the purchase of an outfit is therefore essential. You will therefore opt for a dress, a suit, or even pajamas. But this outfit has to be completed […]

What to do with your old shoes

We’ve all been there. You go to put on your favourite pair of shoes, only to find they no longer look or feel their very best. But what should you do when this happens? No one wants to just toss those beloved shoes in the bin after years of solid service, after all. Thankfully, there […]

Heels: Your Questions Answered

Graceful, elegant and empowering, heels are a style staple in every woman’s wardrobe. When you’re shopping for heels there’s no single style that suits all, with different heights and styles suitable for a number of occasions. Some women like to wear heels on a day to day basis, others only bring them out when they’re […]

When to Wear White Shoes

There are so many opportunities for you to pull your favourite pair of shoes out of the wardrobe, but knowing where and when you can wear white shoes is important to make sure they suit the occasion. So, let’s look at what occasions suit white shoes and what styles of footwear are best. On Holiday […]

Top 10 cheap summer outfits

The summer always comes packed with special moments – lush green grass and clear blue skies enjoyed with a refreshing drink in the company of family and friends. Whether you’re heading to the beach or enjoying a barbecue in the back garden, you’ll want the perfect outfit to soak up the warmer weather. Here we […]

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Prom

Possibly one of the most exciting and memorable moments in a teenager’s life, going to prom is all about the glitz and glam. And choosing the perfect prom shoes is as important as the dress. There are so many considerations to make when looking for the perfect pair of prom shoes. It could be that […]

How to Choose Comfortable High Heels/ Going Out in Comfortable Heels

Pick heels that are centered. That is, some heels go straight down from the back of the shoe. A heel that dips slightly inward so that it is centered under your heel provides more support. That makes the shoe more comfortable. 2. Make sure you’re strapped in. If your shoe is constantly slipping off your feet, it’s […]

The Best Shoe Materials for Everyday Activities

Even though they’re the last thing you put on, shoes are perhaps the most important element of your outfit. With the ability to switch up your look in an instant, it’s well worth investing in shoes in a few different materials, colours and designs. As tempting as it may be to stick to your favourite […]