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How to Make Shoes and Boots Tighter

There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of slipping on a new pair of shoes you can’t wait to show off – only to find that they’re slightly too big. However, with a few tips and tricks you can learn how to make shoes tighter. While sometimes the best course of action is to get your […]

Choosing the right summer sandals for your feet

Footwear often changes with the seasons- and in summer, it’s all about sandals. With this guide, you’ll be able to slip your feet into comfortable fitting sandals that suit you just right. Here we answer all your questions about the best sandals for different types of feet, and the most comfortable sandals for problem feet. […]

Women’s Sandals Fit Guide

When summer rolls around, it means one thing: time to break out your favourite sandals. They’re casual, easy to wear and letting your feet breathe when the sun comes out can only be described as liberating. Sandals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so we’ve put together this guide explaining how your sandals should fit. We […]

Men’s Sandals – Sandals Fit Guide

Choosing well-fitting footwear is important all year round. Don’t forget to give the fit its dues when choosing a pair of men’s sandals. Shoe fitting is often given more of our time and attention than sandal fitting. This is because sandals are seen as fun, casual summer wear that’s not so important to fit. But often […]

Shoe Width Explained

We’ve all been there. You find the perfect pair of shoes, try them on, then feel like one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters when they don’t fit. Cramming won’t work, nor will trying to stretch them out. One of the best ways to find the shoe that fits you is by understanding what UK shoe widths […]

Boys Shoe Sizing & Fitting

Playing football, climbing trees and getting up to mischief are all typical activities for a little boy that’s just found his feet. But with the mischief comes the prospect of buying boys shoes and it can be a real minefield, especially when you know they need to be rugged and dependable to keep up. But what is […]

Girls Shoe Size Guide

When your little girl is growing up, buying footwear can prove to be quite difficult. Measuring for footwear can be an arduous task and choosing the right shoe with the correct fit can seem like a mine field. There are quite a few factors to consider when shopping for girls shoes. As well as style, it’s important […]

Men’s Footwear Size Guide

Spending a decent amount of time picking a pair of men’s shoes is important if you want to be able to wear them comfortably on a day to day basis. If you can, spend some time measuring your feet before you go shoe shopping. Making sure the size is right is the best starting point to getting […]

Womens Shoe Size Guide

If you’re not sure which shoe size to buy, our ladies shoe size guide is here to help! Whether you’re after a shoe size conversion or you simply want to know how to measure your feet and find your ideal footwear size, look no further than our women’s shoe guide. Most people walk miles every […]

Best shoes to wear on a plane

Picture the scene: you’re at an airport, bags packed, boarding your flight. You take your seat, fasten your seat belt and recline. After a while, your feet start to hurt because you’re not wearing suitable shoes – and there’s not much you can do about it until you land. Where’s your holiday feeling gone? There’s […]