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White Sneakers Outfit Ideas for Fashionable Women

There are very few wrong ways to wear white sneakers. White trainers are an awesome addition to any casual or street style outfit, since they are officially fashionable – as long as they’re stark clean, of course. Wearing White Trainers with Jeans • White trainers look the best with a pair of light-wash cropped high waisted […]

What to wear with women’s white shoes?

There are a few more categories to this section as there were above, to no surprise! So, let’s begin. High Heels Here’s what to wear with white high heels: White dress (of any length). White trousers. Coloured dress with white features (any colour, features can be stripes, dots, seams etc.). White blouse (can be paired with […]

Why Choose White Shoes?

So, with all of the possible fashion faux pas’ surrounding this type of footwear, why should you wear white shoes? The simple answer is this: because they look great! There’s a reason why white shoes are so popular and that’s because they complement so many outfit choices and can really show off your style. It’s […]

What to wear with men’s white shoes?

Canvas Shoe Men’s white canvas shoes are a really versatile style of footwear, and a great option for so many occasions. Let’s look at what items in your wardrobe will look great with your pair for both smart & casual occasions: Smart Canvas shoes can in fact be a great addition to a smart outfit, […]

When to Wear White Shoes

There are so many opportunities for you to pull your favourite pair of shoes out of the wardrobe, but knowing where and when you can wear white shoes is important to make sure they suit the occasion. So, let’s look at what occasions suit white shoes and what styles of footwear are best. On Holiday […]

Best Shoes for Back to School Week

With the kids heading back to school for a new year of learning, it’s time to renew their classroom wardrobes. From the best school shoes to the most stylish bookbags and uniforms, you’ll want to get them everything they’ll need to make a strong start to the new term. And as they keep growing, you […]