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How to Find the Perfect Boots

If you’re going to find the perfect boots, especially online, there are a few thing you’re going to need to know. For example, how do you know if those knee-high boots will fit you around your calves? If you’re tall, will they really be knee-highs or only calf-highs? And what exactly is the shaft of a boot? Some […]

7 Coolest Women’s Chelsea Boots to Buy: Chelsea Boots Styling Guide

Many women love Chelsea boots for their versatility and comfy look and feel. Chelsea boots have a round toe and flat sole, usually with a minor heel. They rise to or slightly above the ankle, so you most likely already wear them with skinny jeans or leggings. They’re simple and elegant, but they come in a variety of […]

Five shoes every suave man about town should own

Not only can they function as your gym shoes, but they can also be worn with your casual outfits. Stick to black/white, black/grey/white or navy/white hues to ensure that your sneakers complement all your outfits. Style tip: Avoid crazy colours like neon green or a bright red as these will only draw attention away from your outfit. Moccasins They’re […]


To create your style, it is interesting that you know the most popular fashion styles, including the preppy style. The preppy style is inspired by the looks of the elite student class in America. Preppy looks abound in v- neck jumpers, fitted blazers with initials and badges, waistcoats, and pleated skirts. If you have seen ‘Gossip Girl’ and you love the […]


This winter, white boots are worn with jeans and they look that good. Boots, especially those in the cowboy style, are being the main protagonists of the season. But, what if we told you that the best ones are with straight jeans are the white ones? It may be that autumn caught us determined to wear flats at all hours and […]


What ankle boots are they wearing this fall? Cowboy boots This type of footwear has already been the protagonist of more than one summer look and, as it was not going to be less, cowboy boots are one of the trend footwear of this 2021.Cowboy boots are always flattering. You can wear them in short, long dresses and even […]

What to Wear: The Best Shoes and Boots for Shift Dresses

Every five to six years, or so, shift dresses come back into fashion, and every time they do, there seem to be two questions on everyone’s mind. The first is whether or not shift dresses look better on thin women, or are flattering for every body type. The second is what type of shoes to […]

Best boots and shoes for walking

Walking is a fun and easy way to get fit. Not only does it get your muscles working and heart pumping, it’s a great reason to explore your community and natural surroundings. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or walking to work to achieve your daily steps target, wearing the right footwear is essential. A good […]

Get a grip! The best snow boots and snow grips for winter weather

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of slipping and sliding down the street when walking in snow or icy conditions. Having the best snow boots or grips to put on the bottom of your shoes is a fantastic way to stay on your feet in bad weather Plus, having footwear that’s best suited to snow […]

How To Choose Boots For Your Body Shape

When thinking about what are the best shapes of boots and heels for different body shapes, consider your shape and what will balance it. Stiletto heels with their long slim spindly shape are best for slimmer body shapes and those with slim calves and ankles. Stacked heels are better for those with the feminine curvy […]