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How to Choose the Right Shoes for a Date

In this guide: Dos and don’ts of choosing your first date shoes How do I pick the right date shoes? Best women’s shoes for a date Best men’s shoes for a date Going on a first date can be exciting, nerve-wracking and romantic but above all, it’s the perfect chance to make a good first […]

Which Wedding Shoes Should I Choose?

You’re about to embark on what is probably the most eagerly anticipated day of your life and it’s only right that everything is absolutely perfect. Choosing the right shoes for your big day can either go one of two ways, either you know exactly what style you want and you’re not going to deviate or… […]

How Do I Know I Need to Replace My Shoes?

It’s easy to get sentimental about your shoes. After all, you take them everywhere – on that amazing hike, to that memorable gig – and you’ve shared lots of treasured memories. But, they’re shoes. They’re made from material that can easily look rundown after everyday wear and tear. Sure, there are plenty of ways to […]

Choosing the Right Shoes for You

Wearing good shoes can help you to feel your best and help prevent injuries. Shoe choice can affect your whole body, not just your feet. Look for shoes that: Have a stiff back. Grasp the heel in one hand and the shoe above the heel in the other hand. You should not be able to move […]

Important Rules on Choosing High Heels to Forget About Pain in Your Legs

Women wearing high heels look stunning and that’s an indisputable fact. However, wearing high-heeled shoes always goes together with some sort of discomfort. They often rub the skin in a painful way and may cause pain in the feet or legs. There is no need to put up with this since there are several tricks for choosing the perfect footwear that will make your life […]